Reward your employees for fitness, learning and social activities

Ucando-it is an employee reward & recognition programme which encourages good feeling.

How it works

Employees earn points to earn rewards.

Register for your free account

Connect an app to track activities

Attend company and local events

Redeem your points for rewards and feel good!

What’s in it for me?

Everything’s designed to make your team feel good.

Help them feel fitter

Increases in activity, whether tiny or huge, increases feel-good hormones.

Offer rewards

Choose the rewards which your team can win for their hard work.

Be part of something good

Each activity is doing something good for either yourself, or your team.

Enjoy healthy competition

Follow team progress on the leaderboard, watch their points and badges grow.

Get the feel good factor

This lot have.

“I love how the programme tracks my activity and automatically updates my dashboard.”

“My colleagues and I have doubled our amount of weekly activity”

“I didn’t realise how competitive I was to earn the badges.”

“I can now chase my kids without feeling breathless!”

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